Did Bill Clinton really play the Saxophone ?

Did Bill Clinton really play the Saxophone ?

It’s been recorded that Bill Clinton played the saxophone back in his younger days. Some people even say that he was pretty good at it. 

Well, we did a little research and this is what we found about our famous 42nd president playing the saxophone?

Clinton did play saxophone during college

As an undergrad, Clinton viewed music as one of his number one leisure activities. 

He rehearsed consistently, some of the time upwards of four hours all at once. 

He adored jazz, played in his school’s jazz outfit, and won the first seat in Arkansas’ All-State Band. 

Bill was effectively engaged with theme and band all through his school years, turning out to be especially capable at the tenor saxophone.

Clinton rehearsed consistently and went to band camp in the Ozark Mountains each late spring. 

In his youth years, he even engaged in seeking after music as a profession. Afterward, as an official up-and-comer, Clinton created truly a ruckus when he showed up on The Arsenio Hall Show playing his tenor sax.

 Without a doubt, it was that appearance that incited La Placa to plan the Presidential Model. 

What type of sax does Bill Clinton play?

He was effectively engaged with theme and band all through his school years, turning out to be especially capable at the tenor saxophone. 

Times Bill Clinton played saxophone?

As he exhibited on The Arsenio Hall, Clinton was as yet energetic about playing music during his political profession. 

As a matter of fact, he played with E Street Band saxophonist Clarence Clemmons as the 1993 debut ball in the wake of winning the administration. 

He even played a live gig at the renowned Reduta Jazz Club in Prague in 1994, playing works of art like “My Funny Valentine” and “Mid year”. T

his show became known as the “Two Presidents Gig” after Clinton welcomed the Czech debut Vaclav Havel in front of an audience to play with him.


Bill clinton playing saxophone
Bill Clinton playing saxophone

Is Bill Clinton any good at saxophone?

Clinton wrote in his autobiography that he momentarily thought to be a melodic vocation when he was around 16 years of age, however later settled to go into politics.  

He made sense of that while he cherished music and was certain that he could form into an awesome player, his abilities could never arrive at any semblance of Stan Getz or John Coltrane. 

Openly administration, in any case, he was certain he could succeed. 

Whenever Clinton performed “Tragedy Hotel” on the Arsenio Hall Show, fourteen days after Clinton’s TV fame, Entertainment Weekly welcomed Saxophonists David Sanborn, Stanley Turrentine, Phil Woods, and Jimmy Heath, to remark on the legislator’s exhibition… 

Also, they gave their kindred instrumentalist some legitimate criticism.

 Sanborn remarked, “He doesn’t actually play like a President. I think Clinton plays like a Governor of Arkansas.” 

It’s an explanation that would be disproved when Clinton won the official political decision five months after the fact. 

While the previous president may just be a nice novice saxophonist, best case scenario, we need to say thanks to him for rousing numerous youthful performers to take up the easily cool instrument, including the Grammy-winning instrumentalist Kenny Olusola.


In 1993, as the world was inviting another US President, and it wasn’t simply animating discourses that were being heard from the new POTUS.

During the authority debut ball that day, President Bill Clinton got his saxophone to celebrate with his very own portion music-production on the greatest phase of all.