10 Best Saxophone Players to Listen To In 2022!

10 Best Saxophone Players to Listen To In 2022!

The world’s best saxophone players are some of the most celebrated musicians out there and for good reason! They have mastered their craft incredibly well and can play any genre of music with ease. Whether you’re a jazz, classical, or pop music fan, these players will bring your favorite tunes to life. So if you’re looking to expand your musical horizons, be sure to check out these 12 performers!

1. David Sanborn

If you’re a fan of jazz or simply want to hear some incredible saxophone playing, then you should definitely check out David Sanborn in 2022. 

His saxophone playing is simply amazing and he has a truly unique style that’s sure to impress. 

He’s won multiple Grammy Awards and is widely considered one of the greatest living saxophonists – so don’t miss out on this talented performer!


David Sanborn

2. John Coltrane

John Coltrane was one of the world’s best saxophone players and you should listen to his music in 2022. His style was unique and influential, and he is considered one of the most important jazz musicians of all time. 

His work helped to shape the course of jazz music and he remains an inspiration for many saxophonists today.

 If you’re looking for some great Saxophone playing to listen to in 2022, be sure to check out John Coltrane’s recordings. You can find a list of Coltrane’s essential recordings here

john coltraine

3. Charlie Parker

If you’re a fan of jazz music, then you should definitely check out Charlie Parker in 2022. He is one of the world’s best saxophone players and has an incredible range that allows him to play both jazz and classical music with ease.

 His tone is unique and instantly recognizable, making him one of the most influential saxophonists of all time.

 Bebop was started by Parker and he was a pioneer in this genre, helping to shape the sound of modern jazz. If you’re interested in learning more about this amazing musician, make sure to check him out in 2022!


Jazz songs saxophone

4. Sonny Rollins

Sonny Rollins is one of the world’s best saxophone players and his career shows no signs of slowing down. He has been playing for over 60 years and his unique style is instantly recognizable. 

His influence on other saxophone players is undeniable, so if you’re looking for some great saxophone music, make sure to check out Sonny Rollins!

If you’re looking for an amazing saxophonist to listen to, look no further than Sonny Rollins. His skillful playing will leave you with a lasting impression.

If you want to hear some truly iconic Saxophone music, then you need to check out Sonny Rollins. His music has been enjoyed by people all over the world for decades and there’s no indication that this trend will soon change.

Even if you don’t play saxophone yourself, Sonny Rollins’ music is worth checking out simply because it’s so unique. Whether or not you end up enjoying it, at least you’ll have learned something new!

There’s nobody quite like Sonny Rollins when it comes to Saxophone playing – he’s truly one of a kind!


Sonni rollins

5. Coleman Hawkins

Coleman Hawkins was one of the earliest jazz saxophonists and his influence can be heard in the playing of many later musicians. 

He was known for his “big” sound and his mastery of the tenor saxophone, which allowed him to play with some of the biggest names in jazz including Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington. 

Hawkins recorded several classic jazz recordings, including “Body and Soul” and “Bean’s Blues.” He was inducted into the Down Beat Jazz Hall of Fame in 1965. 

If you’re looking to learn more about this influential saxophonist, be sure to check out some of his best recordings!

Hawkins Embouchure

6. Lester Young

Lester Young was one of the most influential saxophonists of all time. 

He helped to shape the sound of jazz and popular music in the 20th century, with his style characterised by a light, airy tone and a fluid, melodic approach to improvisation.

His playing had a profound impact on subsequent generations of saxophonists, and he remains one of the most revered figures in jazz history. His recordings are essential listening for any fan of the genre.


lester young

7. Wayne Shorter

Wayne Shorter is one of the most respected and celebrated saxophonists in the world. He has played with some of the greatest jazz musicians of all time, including Miles Davis, John Coltrane, and Gary Bartz. 

Shorter has also recorded extensively for blues, soul, and jazz-rock labels over his long career. 

He has won 10 Grammy Awards and was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 1998. In 2012, he was awarded the National Medal of Arts by President Barack Obama. 

Some of Shorter’s best-known compositions include “Footprints”, “Etcetera”, and “Nefertiti”. So if you’re looking to get a taste for some great saxophone playing in 2022, look no further than Wayne Shorter!

shorter wein

8. Ornette Coleman

Ornette Coleman is one of the most influential jazz saxophonists of all time, and his work in the free jazz movement helped pioneer new directions in jazz music. His unique approach often incorporated elements of blues and bebop into his music, while also breaking away from traditional harmonic structures.

“Free Jazz” is widely considered to be a landmark recording in the avant-garde jazz genre, and it remains an important influence on modern saxophone players today.

In addition to his solo work, Coleman collaborated with many other notable musicians over the course of his career, including Don Cherry and Charlie Haden.

Coleman died in 2015 at the age of 87 after a long battle with cancer, but his legacy continues to inspire new generations of jazz musicians

ornet coleman

9. Albert Ayler

Albert Ayler was an avant-garde jazz saxophonist who made his mark on the music world in the 1960s. 

His unique style blended elements of free jazz, R&B, and gospel, creating a sound that was both revolutionary and highly influential. 

Ayler’s approach to music was deeply spiritual, and he often spoke of his desire to communicate with the dead through his playing. 

He was a powerful performer with a tremendous amount of energy and passion, which is evident in his recordings.

 Ayler’s influence can be heard in the work of many subsequent saxophonists, including John Coltrane, Pharaoh Sanders, and David Murray.


albert ailer

10. Pharaoh Sanders

Pharaoh Sanders is one of the most influential and renowned saxophonists in history. 

He has collaborated with some of the greatest jazz musicians of all time, including John Coltrane and Archie Shepp. 

His playing style is considered “freeform” and “unconventional”, which has helped him create some of the most innovative jazz music ever written. 

He has released over 30 albums as a leader, appearing on over 200 albums overall. If you’re looking for an artist who will challenge your expectations as a saxophone player, then look no further than Pharaoh Sanders!

paroah sanders